The Pandemic Menace

During the everlasting COVID-19 pandemic, technology has evolved by the degree of multiplication and not by a small margin any longer. Physical distancing forces us to distance ourselves from others, thus empowering us to utilize technologies to create a virtual world to connect us with others without realizing it. Today, we created a virtual space where we can meet together inside a “room” on our computer screen. Imagine what the accommodating technology will look like for us to interact with each other in 2025?

An Act of Retaliation

Oppositions : The first mentions about neomodern architecture

Pruitt-Igoe demolition (1972) marked the death of modern architecture.

101 on Post-Modern Architecture

Post-modern Architecture emerged in the 1960s both as a critic and a movement to abandon the dying modernism. According to Charles Jencks, it was the antithesis of Modernism. The movements criticized the lack of identity embedded within the modernist architecture and the complexity of meaning that made each building unique. …

Industrial Revolution : Showing off advancement in technology through Architecture. Source : scm-wide-narrow

Raihan Erviansyah E

Video Game Level Designer at Crescent Moon Games

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